Dramatic Scene films

We are pleased to announce our new film service for actors that provides professionally shot cinematic scenes for an actor's reel. This service will dramatically increase an actor's chances of being cast in major film/TV productions.



Dramatic Scene films

We are pleased to announce our new film service for actors that provides professionally shot cinematic scenes for an actor's reel. This service will dramatically increase an actor's chances of being cast in major film/TV productions.


Dramatic Scenes for actors


We don't make demo reels, we make high quality cinema

We are directors, cinematographers, and filmmakers first. Our experience and expertise come from years of work on high-profile features, commercials, and short films. We are not interested in creating dull, run of the mill demo reels that look amateur and do not forward an actor's career. We are interested in creating artistic works of cinema. Our goal is to provide an actor with a beautifully shot short film/scene that uses the visual language of motion pictures to heighten the actor's performance.

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100% filmmaking

Even when signing up for a smaller session, you will still experience the full cinema effect, with the highest-level motion picture cameras, high quality cinema lighting and top-notch hair and make-up stylists. You will be walking onto a movie set in a real location suitable for big budget films. 


Passionate professional craftsmen

Want to work with real filmmaker talent? That’s who we are. From the moment you arrive, you will work with experienced directors and cinematographers, who will assist you in performing your best work for the camera and make sure you look appropriate for the big screen while you perform. Our team will bring all their skill and attention to helping you look great on film and land that next gig.



              - Carefully guided consultation to help steer the project toward a film that shows who you are

              - Serious pre-production

              - Engaging scripts taken from theater plays or original content

              - An actors' rehearsal/workshop day to craft your performance with precise direction

              - A real film set with professional crews, grip trucks, and cameras straight of a feature film

              - Professional hair and make-up

              - Real locations that place you in the midst of cinema

              - Meticulous direction on set with careful attention to how your performance translates to camera and screen

              - High-quality post production with beautiful color grading and sound design from top industry professionals

An “all or nothing” approach

We are filmmakers first. Therefore these short scenes are projects we do not take lightly. We pride ourselves on an “all or nothing” approach and treat the production of your piece as we would a serious feature film from the pre-production stage to the lighting and shooting on-location and all the way through post-production. We bring the same level of attention and work ethic to every scene we shoot. That is what differentiates us from anyone else out there.

Our process


Our process


I. Consultation

We begin with a consultation to help us understand who you are as an actor and where you want to go with your career. Once we decide on an appropriate script that will show your range and command as an actor, you will have a week to work on the scene, and delve into and build your character. In the meantime, we will be working to secure locations and handle the logistics of bringing in crew and vendors for the shoot.

II. the actors workshop

This is a scene-coaching workshop that paves the way for an A-list performance. We focus on character development and work on building it up through examination of the text. Our methods originate in professional theater craft that we calibrate for the camera. Your rehearsal will be guided by experienced directors who will help you craft a nuanced performance that brings the character to life and shows your distinguishing features and unique voice as an actor.

III. leading role & supporting role

In our standard package, you will come away with two scenes. A leading role performance that focuses on your role in the scene and a supporting role in which you will act as a scene partner in another actor's scene on the same day. One session lasts about three hours including warm-up, hair and make-up, and the performance of two scenes. Each scene will build on your rehearsal day and consist of several takes and camera angles to cover the scene. The director will also provide constructive feedback through the shoot to keep your delivery as excellent as it can be for the material and transfer your charisma as an actor to the screen.

We will get you hired

We are passionate about the art of filmmaking and acting, and we want to create a great short film/scene in which you do your best work. This is why we put so much effort into the pre-production stage and scene rehearsals. In an industry full of stiff competition, you are only going to land that part, get that callback or land that agent if your demo is excellent. Casting agents want to see your professional work in professional films. That’s what we strive to create with you.

Essential Actor's Scene production
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This is our essential package and it includes:

  • Consultation
  • The Actor's workshop and intensive rehearsal day
  • Production day: A leading role performance and a supporting role performance
  • Includes professional hair and make-up
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